Dr. D’Agate saved my life!!! About two years ago I weighed in at 279 lbs., had plaque buildup, high blood pressure and cholesterol and my legs were red and burning because the blood was pooling in my legs due to my weight. Dr. D’Agate said to me in the kindest way possible, if you continue this way, you will have all types of health issues, heart disease, diabetes, issues with your lets etc. He gave me my much needed wakeup call and recommended that I start a PLANT BASED DIET AND EXERCISE PROGRAM (VEGAN DIET).




– A.

Dr. D’Agate is the best! Staff always polite and helpful. to.

– Joanne C. (Review on Facebook)

Absolutely love this place very efficient no long waits and Dr D’Agate actually answers my concerns himself so excited to.

– Laura M. (Review on Facebook)

Had a stress test yesterday. A test that usually causes me stress. But yesterday I had the nicest young man administer the test. His name is Rory and he was so charming and nice he made it a much better experience. He made sure I was comfortable at all times and was efficient and quick which is essential during such a long test. Thank you Rory!

– Josephine A. (Review on Facebook)

Everyone is very pleasant and warm. Dr. D'Gate is an amazing doctor and person. He is very thorough and explains the diagnosis in a way the patient can understand. Very down to earth personality.

– Pamela M. (Review on Facebook)

Great staff & doctors everyone is so nice & compassionate!

– Judy D. (Review on Facebook)

I am a new patient of Dr. D’Agata. He is very thorough n makes sure all testing is done . He is very compassionate n very intelligent n keeps up on all the new procedures. His staff are all very knowledgeable n make you feel very comfortable. I recommended him to all my family n friends. He is the best.

– Mary A. (Review on Facebook)

Dr D’agate is an Excellent cardiologist! Spends a lot of time explains everything fully!! Highly recommend!

– Debbie S. (Review on Facebook)

Dr. D’Agate is very patient and answers any questions.

– Nicolina P. (Review on Facebook)

Suffolk Heart Group is the best on Long Island. From their amazing staff to their knowledgeable doctors there are none better. Dr. D'agate is my cardiologist and he is wonderful. He answers all my questions in a language that I can understand and actually cares how I am doing. He is always reassuring and I have never seen that man not smile. No matter what test you are having done there is always someone there to help you through the appointment. I have to say this is the only doctors appointment I actually look forward to.

– Terry W. (Review on Facebook)

Hello , This is a great test (Coronary Calcium Score) to determine the risk of a CV event before it happens . I had this test , cholesterol was high , have been on meds and it went down , did very well on stress tests , but just was not feeling well - Dr D’Agate scheduled the calcium test and my score was very high - 659 .... right after he then scheduled me to have a catherization and the results were I had severe blockage . I turn I had bypass surgery and it has been 18 months since . The calcium test was very important because without it my stress test and cholesterol levels seemed ok . Please listen to the cardiologist as they have all the tools needed to further determine the issues with each patient , I cannot thank Suffolk Heart Group enough and Dr D’Agate as I probably would not be writing this today . Thank you for reading and hope this helps who ever is questioning the Calcium Test

– Gary

When my AFB was detected, Dr. Ladinksy said that he would set me up with the very best cardiology team. Now I know what he already knew. I sincerely thank you and look forward to our future meetings.

Dear Dr. A’gate,

Thanks so much for helping me through these challenging days. Your calm, confident, and gentle approach and guidance eased my nervousness. In short, you helped to save my life, and I am forever grateful.

– Jack

Dr. D'Agate & staff are wonderful. He put me at ease and was honest with me regarding my heart health & exams he wants me to have done. I highly recommend Dr. D'Agate & Suffolk Heart Group

– Cyndie L. (Review on Facebook)

Dr D’Agate is the best! I worked as a PA at Good Samaritan Hospital for almost 20 yrs and found Dr D’Agate to be an exceptional physician. Not only is his training impressive, he’s bright, efficient, patient, thorough and his manner with his colleagues, the staff, the patients and their families is respectful as well as warm and caring. You are in good hands when Dr D’Agate is your cardiologist!

– Susan M. (Review on Facebook)

David D'Gate is one of the best. Great Dr. great guy!

– Jeffrey T. (Review on Facebook)

All of the Doctors are Great! My favorites are Dr Gidseg and Dr D’Agate. They are very personable, intelligent and caring Physicians. I recommend this group to everyone I know.

– Debroah T.R. (Review on Facebook)

Very pleasant office. I think a major portion of job interview must be showing that you can smile even when difficult patients make life troublesome. Everything clean and efficient and appointments are pretty much on time.

– Loretta L.S. (Review on Facebook)

Just came from a followup with Dr D’Agate! Amazing appointment with an amazing cardiologist. Is an advocate for his patients living their best life. Answers all questions and points you in the direction you need! Highly recommend!!

– Suzanne B. (Review on Facebook)

Dr. D’Agate is a terrific cardiologist. He is exactly the type of empathetic physician you would want treating you. I highly recommend this practice.

– Craig F. (Review on Facebook)

Dr. Dagate is a warm, caring, personable cardiologist.

– Aisha G. (Review on Facebook)

My husband and I are both patients for over 20 years. We would never go anywhere else.In 1999, they performed a quadruple bypass on my husband, who had multiple blockages. To this day, he has never had a heart attack due to their excellent care. Since Dr. D'Agate joined the practice, he has saved me twice. I went to the office complaining of chest pain and he sent me immediately to the hospital, where I ended up having stents put in. This happened twice. I would never consider going to any other doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind and funny. He is unlike any other cardiologist I have ever been to. All the doctors in this group are exceptional.

– Karen V. (Review on Facebook)

Dr. Agate is a real person — not just a face behind a clipboard reading test results and pushing pills. He asked about my lifestyle, and recommended achievable goals for my overall health.

– Linda A. (Review on Facebook)

The Doctors are up to date on up to date on the all the current procedures relevant to all phases of care for the heart.The doctors are top notch Dr D'Agate who is the first physician you see is very pleasant and knowledgeable and puts you at ease and reduces any stress or anxiety you may have about a heart issue you might be experiencing. I have seen all of the doctors in this practice and without their expertise and in all phases of heart issues I probably wouldn't be writing this right now. Kudos to the physicians and staff at Suffolk Heart. Now go make an appointment you won't be sorry. JG

– J.G. (Review on Facebook)

Dr.D’Agate was the most informative Dr. I have ever seen, he has set me on the right path to living my best Life!! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE LIVING

– Dennis G. (Review on Facebook)

All the Physicians are cutting edge and genuinely concerned about your heart health and are very caring as well. Go Suffolk Heart!!

– Janet G. (Review on Facebook)

Excellent group I recommend.

– Deborah F. (Review on Facebook)

highly recommend this practice

– Patricia B. (Review on Facebook)

Dr D’Agate basically saved my sons life? My son who is now 32 yrs old had a pericardio affusion done about three years ago at North Shore Hospital in Plainview which was unsuccessful? Dr D’Agate recommended Dr Durbin of St Frances to do the procedure again 6 months later? It was a success! No more fluid the last 2years and my son has lost 40 lbs! That’s what I recommend Suffolk Heart Group! Thanks Dr Lemendola too!

– Edmund D. (Review on Facebook)

Dr.D'Agate is a Sweetheart!!!

– Laraine F. (Review on Facebook)

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