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For 50 years the Suffolk Heart Group has been treating patients with heart disease, now we want to prevent it. Heart disease remains the number one killer of Long Islanders. Approximately 1 in 3 deaths can be attributed to heart disease. The sad fact is that the majority of heart attacks are preventable. The Suffolk Heart Group is proud to announce the first comprehensive heart disease prevention program in Suffolk County.

Through exciting technology and sophisticated blood testing the doctors at the Suffolk Heart Group are able to explain to each patient their risk of having a heart attack.

By understanding their risk patients can take measures to dramatically reduce and even prevent the chance of ever having a heart attack. With the help of the Suffolk Heart Group doctors we can develop a comprehensive program incorporating lifestyle modifications and sometimes medicines to help prevent heart attacks.

To get screened call today for an appointment 631-265-5050.

Dr. David D'Agate talks about helping screen and prevent heart attacks in firefighters.

Suffolk Heart Group Heart Attack Prevention Program

What If You Could Prevent A Heart Attack?

Now Offering the first Heart Attack
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The Heroes Heart Attack Prevention Program

Dr. David D'Agate featured in a public service announcement for a new innovative program The Heroes Heart Attack Prevention Program.